Home Solar Inspection


Solar PV systems are an excellent investment for your home or business, but there’s no guarantee they will continue to run at peak performance levels for years without any maintenance. That’s why regular solar inspections by certified professionals like the ones at Peoria Solar Energy Panels is one of the best investments that you can make.

Home Solar Inspection

A Complete System Checkup

Our solar professionals will look over your entire system to ensure that it’s running properly. During a typical inspection, all the electrical connections will be verified, the inverters, disconnects, fuses, panels, and breakers will be examined as well. A total of 45 testing points is checked across the system to avoid skipping over any potential fail points or problems that could be building up. Our technicians understand NEC 690 code and can work with the controllers and computers to uncover any potential problems in the programming as well as in the physical connections and hardware of the setup.

Use Only Certified Professionals

Peoria Solar Energy Panels only allows carefully trained professionals to visit homes and businesses and inspect the systems. Only certified professionals have the knowledge to decipher NEC 690 code and the experience to properly diagnose hardware issues in your system. You wouldn’t trust your health to an unlicensed doctor, so don’t trust your solar system to inexperienced or untrained technicians.

Protect your investment today and have a complete inspection done on your solar PV system. Call us for help today.